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Earth Day Event: Honoring the Earth and the Web of All Life

2:00pm - 4:00pm   |   retreat


Leader: Kerry Batteau, Native Healer

Join us at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat on Earth Day with Kerry Batteau, of Blackfoot decent. Kerry will lead us in a pipe ceremony and a blessing of the ground for Sacred Mother Earth on this day for you and the people.  

The Prairie Retreat is a perfect place to honor Earth and pray for her protection. Enjoy the beautiful buildings, lovely trails and labyrinth. Refreshments will be provided. Free will offerings accepted.

Kerry, whose elder name is white feather (wi aka ska), is well versed in Native Spirituality and has been practicing and facilitating ceremonies in his way of life for many moons. He is honored and happy to share his culture when ever asked.

The pipe ceremony will include drumming and singing. It is a Native American sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds. The pipe is a link between the erath and the sky. Nothing is more sacred. The pipe is prayers in physical form. Smoke becomes words; it goes out, touches everything, and becomes a part of all there is. The fire in the pipe is the same fire in the sun, which is the source of life. The reason why tobacco is used to connect the worlds is that the plant’s roots go deep into the earth, and its smoke rises high into the heavens.

Pre-registration for this free event is requested not required. Registration on-line with link above or call 563-336-8414.

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