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Come to the Quiet– Give Me a Word

9:30am - 3:30pm   |   retreat

Leader: Pat Shea

In the very early centuries of Christianity, many would pilgrim to holy Desert Mothers and Fathers for spiritual guidance.  The pilgrim would often ask the holy hermit for a word, a sacred text to live by.  We, too, can ask the indwelling Spirit for a Word to guide our lives. Fee: $20

Come to the Quiet is an opportunity to enter a day of peaceful, spiritual refreshment. The day begins with a short reflection on ways to engage with and respond to the Divine Word that comes to us in so many ways—a word, holy text, a poem, a piece of art, music, others, nature. Following the short reflection is quiet time to use as you choose. A nutritious seasonal lunch is served at noon and after lunch, continued quiet time. The day ends with a short sharing session.

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