Davenport nun visits site of El Salvador killings on 35th anniversary

December 26, 2015   |   Deirdre Cox Baker | QCTimes.com


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The most forgotten people in the world

December 23, 2015   |   Sister Dolores Schuh, CHM

“I hope you are doing okay at this time.” This is how almost every letter I get from Danny, my death row pen pal begins. In fact, it is how the letters I get from several other men on death row begin. I guess it means the same as “How are you? I am fine,” which is how I used to start letters to my aunts, uncles and grandparents when I was a youngster.

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Humility of Mary celebrates 'Year of Consecrated Life'

October 18, 2015   |   Linda Cook | QCTimes.com

Visitors learned more about the mission and the history of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary on Sunday afternoon.

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