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Sister Mary Antonette "Toni" Geiger

June 8, 1917 - February 9, 2006   |   Passed On

Sr. Mary Antonette "Toni" (Elizabeth Ann) Geiger was one of ten children of John Geiger from Germany and Ann Joachim from Russia. Two of her sisters, also CHMs, were Sr. Louise and Sr. Barbara Mary. 

She entered the Congregation of the Humility of Mary in 1933 and professed in 1936.

Sr. Toni's early ministry was teaching primary grades in all of the CHM schools in Montana with special emphasis on art and music. During the summer much of her time was spent teaching religious education schools in small towns throughout Montana.

After Vatican II, the three Geiger sisters opened an art shop where they sold their various art works. Sr Toni was noted particularly for her special calligraphy and cards.

When Sr. Louise suffered a stroke and took up residence at Humility of Mary Center, Sr. Barbara Mary and Toni joined her. It was then they they became extremely involved and active in intercessory prayer with Renewal in Christ Ministries

In 2005 Sr. Toni moved to Bishop Drumm Retirement Center.


St. Mary, Great Falls, MT

St. Joseph, Great Falls, MT

St. Agnes, Red Lodge, MT

Sacred Heart, Glendive, MT

St. Austin, Minneapolis, MN

St. Joseph, Fort Madison, IA

Humility of Mary Center, Davenport, IA

Bishop Drumm Center, Johnston, IA