"We commit ourselves as individuals and as a congregation to work for justice within the human family and to care for Earth itself."  -CHM Mission Statement

One of the most powerful arguments missing from the environmentalist’s case is reverence for what simply is. Centuries before the term “carbon footprint” came into our collective consciousness, communities of women religious were caring for Earth and humankind with the attitude and respect for what “simply is” that is necessary for the sustainability many now believe to be threatened.

For over 150 years sisters have been focused on protecting the diversity of nature--doing what was naturally the right thing to do even before the world climate crisis alarm went off. Evidence of this dedication to creation can be found at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat and at the Humility of Mary Center, where hybrid cars, recycling centers, organic gardening, solar energy, changes in investment choices and environmental lobbying are common place. The sisters are involved in other ways such as:

    The Congregation of the Humility of Mary is committed to these Principles of Sustainability:

    • Recognize and honor the interdependence of all life communities. Be Conscious of connections.
    • Make choices that express our commitment to simple living and ecological sustainability. Be serious about simplicity and sustainability.
    • Maximize the use of natural, renewsable energies and minimize waste. Follow Earth's waste-less ways.
    • Promote ecojustice and ethical responsibililty. Live in right relationships.

    Click here for the entire CHM Land Ethic and Principles of Sustainability document....

    Earth As Our Home.Earth as Our Home Booklet: Too often when we hear the word 'house' we only think of a physical building and its rooms. But what if we begin to think of Earth as our house - with various rooms - what would we need to do to make this 'house' a true 'home?' The Catholic Sisters for a Healthy Earth have prepared a reflection booklet on the various rooms of a house, placing each room and its activities into the broader context of our Earth-home. Simple actions for families are suggested for living more sustainability and walking more gently on Earth. The booklet is available as a free download by clicking here.