MinistryMINISTRY: it’s not just a profession, or how you make your living or what you call your “work.” It’s bringing God to people. You do it by being. It’s 24-7. For members and associates of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary, ministry is both freedom and risk.

  • Freedom to be what God has called you to be;
  • The risk of being ever open to serving in new ways as needs arise and become known.



In 1969, when religious renewal was sweeping through the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council, the Sisters of Humility were one of the first communities to adopt a policy of self-determination.

While the movement seemed radical at the time, it was consistent with the community’s founding philosophy that members would earn their own living and go wherever they saw a need. Today, each Sister of Humility is free to decide for herself the ministry to which she feels called and for which she is qualified by training or experience. No one arranges a job for her.


Self-determination has led to a blossoming of ministries for the Sisters of Humility, where women can more fully use their personal talents and gifts in service to God and humankind. Today you’ll find CHMs in a rich diversity of professions and positions. They are women with vision and they get things done.


What keeps them together, despite distances and diversity in ministry? Their spirit of prayer and their common goal–to share Christ’s message of love and the fullness of life with all they meet. That, and their firm belief in the strength of the community to sustain, encourage and stimulate each sister’s response to the needs of others, wherever in the world she is.

“We try to provide for one another such a climate of freedom and acceptance, of forgiveness and encouragement that each of us and those with whom we work can become the self God calls us to become.”