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Lori Freudenberg provides spiritual direction at OLPR

February 29, 2024   |   Joyce Bieber

Lori Freudenberg, program coordinator at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, recently graduated with her Spiritual Direction certification. She completed an Interfaith/Interspiritual Guidance certificate program through the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute based in Chicago.


Spiritual Direction is a process in which a trained spiritual guide listens to and companions someone who desires a deeper relationship with God. It has been defined as “an interpersonal relationship in which one learns how to grow, live and love in the spiritual life.” The spiritual director is trained to listen, discern and ask questions. The task of the spiritual director is to diligently pay attention to the person’s story and the Spirit and to encourage spiritual growth. Spiritual direction is not counseling, friendship, mentoring, teaching nor discipling. It is the commitment to walk with a person to discover what God is doing in their life and to help them grow closer to their higher source.


Drs. Jeanette Banashak and Janice Lundy, Spiritual Guidance Training Institute founders, believe that the gateway to personal and planetary peace and well-being occurs when a supportive learning environment can be created for any and all who are interested in exploring, questioning and deepening their understanding of the many and mysterious ways that the Sacred (Holy Mystery, God, Divine, Universe, Truth, Love, Presence, Spirit) manifests in our lives.


Lori will meet with a seeker in -person or through Zoom. To learn more or to make an appointment, call Our Lady of The Prairie Retreat, 563-374-1092.