Christmas Awesomeness

Lisa Martin

Sisters Maggie Bennett & Kathy Henneberry lead the Christmas caroling at the annual CHM Christmas party.
During the holiday season there is a whole other level of Christmas awesomeness at the Humility of Mary Center. Starting with the season of Advent (11/30/14) followed by the season of Christmas and ending with the feast day of the baptism of the Lord (1/11/15) ... each day coming to work I enter a building filled with the goodwill surrounding the birth of Jesus. There really is a palpable feeling of holy joy and excitement in the air. Just a few things I give thanks for this holiday season are:

  • Collaborating with the regional group of religious communicators who put together  "The 12 Days of Good Gifting" providing links to pages which inspire conscious consumerism and show how an everyday purchase can change lives.
Sister Cathleen Real

  • Being a part of the Care of Earth Committee with Sister Cathleen Real who says, "One way to prepare for Advent and Christmas is to celebrate God's creation and delight in the beauty around us. We should all reflect on our favorite winter scene and thank God for allowing us to have this great pleasure. How much more will we work toward a healthy planet if we take time to enjoy it?! For some ideas look at the LCWR Resolutions to Action."
Sister Elizabeth Anne Schneider
Just a portion of the CHM community of sisters associates and staff gather for their annual Christmas party.

  • Most days Sister Elizabeth Anne Schneider pops into my office to say hello. She offers this, "For the past several years sisters at the Humility of Mary Center have contributed to the Heifer Project and have provided sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens and other animals to needy communities throughout the world.  Please consider a gift, small or large, to continue this good work - donations to Heifer make wonderful Christmas gifts."

CHM Sisters, Associates and Staff wish you a very blessed Christmas.