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Photo: June 2017, taken at Christ the King Chapel, St. Ambrose University, during the installation of leadership of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary. Sr. Irene Muñoz was elected to the CHM Cabinet and is seen standing in the center of the five at front, while the congregation prays a blessing over the new CHM Leadership Team.

Through the decades of my nursing and Hispanic ministries to people in Iowa and Colorado my ministry of prayer has always been the center of my religious life. It is universal and focuses on the needs of the world, for those I minister to, for those who are forgotten and for those who carry indifference and are uncaring. I believe in opening and listening to the Spirit. We hear the joys, cries and struggles of all who are in need of God's comfort and justice. My ministry is global.

Maturing spiritually is a never ending process until we reach eternity. I believe we grow and change in the circumstances of life that are filled with darkness and light. This has been my experience. God is fully and totally present wherever God is present. We need not go far to encounter God. Hopefully through these encounters we grow in maturity.

I have experienced many ways of praying and have come to realize that we are all totally interconnected globally in this universe. This calls for a new challenge to see and experience people, the cosmos, prayer and God in ways that are unique and all encompassing. Learning, traveling and encountering other cultures in the world has enabled me to see the Creator with another face. To be in solidarity with those who suffer and struggle for justice has enabled me to see the interconnectedness we have with the Creator. We are brothers and sisters in this world. There are so many profound questions we face in life today that we are truly called to listen to the Spirit and face the challenges. All of this compels us to pray and live what we believe.

Lectio Divina, centering prayer, contemplative prayer and reflection, the Sunday gospel reflections, reading scripture, charismatic prayer groups, Hispanic cultural beliefs and religiosity. I believe all these methods and ways have nurtured and strengthened me. The people I meet often project a prayer that I am in need of that day without their knowledge. We learn from each other in many ways unknown.

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Photo: Sr. Irene Muñoz, Bishop Thomas Zinkula and Sr. Molly Muñoz.