Storms on the Prairie

The Victorian House and Prairie Heights addition at
Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat near Wheatland, Iowa.

Sister Kathleen Storms, SSND, is the director of Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, a ministry of the Sisters of Humility, which sits on 200 acres of natural prairie and timber land in Iowa. The following words are from Sr. Kathleen:

"At Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat speakers are brought in to broaden and enliven faith journeys through exposure to a wide variety of images of God, practices of prayer, reflection on scripture and theology and finding creation as an avenue to great communion with God. Principles of social justice, nonviolent action as a tool of resistance, and responsible care of Earth are offered as means to move faith from a private God-and-me relationship to a lively, interactive, holistic relationship with God in the midst of life.

Sister Kathleen Storms
prepares crabapple jelly.

"Week after week, 12 months per year, I see visible changes in people as they take time at The Prairie Retreat. 'Come to the Quiet' days, staff retreats, quilting or scrap booking retreats, basket weaving, book binding, bread baking or knitting all have one experience in common--men and women getting off the busy treadmill of life. Whether planned or not, spiritual growth and renewal take place. This special place is open to those who come just to be, to rest and to enjoy."

Sr. Storms is also the woman behind the wholesome meals that the retreat center is notorious for serving. She says, "We prepare food mindfully. We plant the seeds and gather the vegetables. We wash them with care so that the way in which we prepare a meal makes it spiritual... Food is not only an ethical act, but it tells a lot about your values. It's a spiritual act because it connects you back to your soul."