Sister Becky Dobbels

October 9, 1956 - November 25, 2007   |   Passed On

Sister Becky always appeared to me as a courageous traveler whether it was pursuing her ministry in such a high stress area of medicine, coming to Davenport in all kinds of weather to participate in CHM activities, going home for family celebrations, or hitting the road in the camper for vacations.

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Comito Maryfranceslouise

Sister Mary Frances Louise Comito

April 6, 1919 - November 11, 2007   |   Passed On

`Frannie Lou` as she was affectionately known to her sister’s in religion, is remembered by those who lived with her as a very even-tempered, positive person who was particularly kind and generous to those less fortunate whether in learning ability or in material goods. Always devoted to her family, visiting became easier when she got her little car. The sisters could always count on her to give them a lift to wherever they needed to go.

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Sister Mary John Byers

February 4, 1917 - June 7, 2007   |   Passed On

Sr. Mary John was instrumental in establishing the Humility House of Prayer on a Marycrest College site located on 10th Street in Davenport. When in 1976 the site was needed for other purposes, she moved to Ottumwa and started a prayer center at the motherhouse at Ottumwa Heights that also brought participants from the Ottumwa parishes. In 1982, when Ottumwa Heights was sold to Indian Hills Community College, Sister was undaunted in continuing her prayer ministry and came with the sisters to Davenport where she continued her work at Project Renewal living in Davenport’s Central City.

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Sister Mae Murphy

May 29, 1915 - May 12, 2007   |   Passed On

After making her first vows on August 1, 1936, Sister immediately began what was to be a long and varied teaching ministry. Anyone who ever lived with Sister Mae knew of her superb culinary skills. She may have been the best candy maker in the CHM community as her donations to bake sales and bazaars were legendary.

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Sister Mary Bernard Bowers

August 3, 1920 - April 18, 2007   |   Passed On

Among her special memories was a wild ride shared with Sister Mary Cecilia and a good Monsignor just learning to drive, giving another Monsignor’s dog a very large piece of chewy, caramel candy to keep his mouth occupied in order to protect her Christmas ornaments, walking to the Ursuline Academy Junior College from Sacred Heart Convent in thirty degree below zero weather with only a black shawl for warmth, and a highlight to be sure was her Marian year trip to Europe in 1988.

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Sister Miriam Rita Goga

September 23, 1918 - August 18, 2006   |   Passed On

S. Miriam Ritas career began in 1941 and spanned 56 years as a teacher, librarian and medical records administrator.

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Sister Maurine Sofranko

October 23, 1910 - March 26, 2006   |   Passed On

Sister was a woman of many talents not the least of which was gardener and horticulturalist. She often spoke of the miniature purple iris that she brought from her mother's garden. How appropriate for Sister Maurine to begin her new life in springtime as everything around us is coming to life. The chirping birds are a reminder of how vigilant she was in feeding them and how adamant she was in keeping the squirrels away even to the point of greasing the pole to the birdfeeder so the squirrels could not climb it.

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Geiger Toni2

Sister Mary Antonette "Toni" Geiger

June 8, 1917 - February 9, 2006   |   Passed On

Sr. Toni's early ministry was teaching primary grades in all of the CHM schools in Montana with special emphasis on art and music.

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Patik Claire Marie

Sister Claire Marie Patik

June 26, 1919 - April 3, 2005   |   Passed On

Sr. Claire Marie answered a request from her missionary priest brother to come to Papua, New Guinea and minister to the people there. This fulfilled a childhood dream nurtured since grade school. Sister was responsible not only for teaching but writing and printing textbooks for her students.

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Mataya Mary Martina Jennie

Sister Mary Martina (Jennie) Mataya

May 7, 1915 - October 28, 1997   |   Passed On

Sister was an excellent science teacher and often received recognition of such.

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Ven Horst Mary St John

Sister Mary St. John (Emma) Ven Horst

July 12, 1908 - July 17, 1996   |   Passed On

Sister St. John was a whirlwind of energy who brought together the first string ensemble at Ottumwa Heights College...

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Wight Mary St Charles

Sister Marie Wight

January 15, 1927 - May 24, 1994   |   Passed On

Besides being a teacher, she also served as a creative principal. Her last 20 years were spent in the foothills of Lewistown, MT ministering to her beloved elderly and caring for her many animals

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Melroy Francesmarie

Sister Frances Marie (Ellen) Melroy

April 2, 1909 - October 17, 1991   |   Passed On

After teaching for five years, she took nurse's training at St. Joseph Hospital, Ottumwa, where she was pediatric nurse, clinical instructor and supervisor of nurses for almost 20 years. There, she invented a special oxygen mask and nipple for children with cleft palates.

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Gordon Mary Jerome

Sister Mary Jerome (Theresa) Gordon

June 26, 1890 - September 28, 1987   |   Passed On

She taught upper grades and commercial subjects in high school, then in later years, was librarian. Sister Jerome had a remarkable sense of humor, loved people, disliked routine and enjoyed travel.

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Hazard Mary Berchmans

Sister Mary Berchmans Hazard

December 15, 1888 - January 31, 1984   |   Passed On

In addition to over 60 years of teaching including 24 years as political science instructor at Ottumwa Heights College, she also taught summer school nearly every year for 40 years, two of which were spent teaching African American children in Mississippi.

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